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UnlimitedFree file storage

Proffessional free online file storage with optimum content proctection,security, and global file access with fast uploading and downloading speeds and not to mention unlimited file storage.
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Below is a list of written tutorials to help you get started using our cloud storage service.

File Cloud Storage & Streaming

Virtually unlimited free cloud storage and media streaming

We are the only proffessional online file storage company that offers free optimum content proctection,security,unlimited file storage,downloading, and streaming through our free windows upload application Easy Uploads. Download and stream files anywere online with our inhouse sharing features or through your very own unique download links with Easy Uploads. Easy Uploads is very easy to use and is a very handy tool for uploading managing, and streaming your files from your cloud storage account.

File Streamers Easy Uploads

Rigid interface
Although brightly colored and attractive, no customizatione to the applications interface can be done and the application does not allow resizing or changing the position of the main window at this time.

1280 X 768 or above screen resoultion
VLC Media Player 2.1.3 or above
.Net Frame Work 4.0
Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Xp operating System.

Keeping files personal
In order to access your storage account, the application requires you to log in with your username and password. Every time you upload a file, you have the option to keep it personal or to share it with the public. The upload process is quite simple and easy, even for inexperienced users. All you have to do is to browse for your file, input a title and pick a category, and then click the Upload button. Selecting a category for your files will help when searching for a specific document on your cloud storage, narrowing the search field quite a bit. Each file you upload can be locked with a personal password, so you can share it only with trusted individuals to whom you give the password.

Account management and statistics

In the Account Manager tab, you can find detailed information about the activity on your account. Here you can update or discontinue your account, or you can read messages about the new features of the program. Also, you can view statistics such as how many times you have uploaded and downloaded files from your cloud storage, and total storage used by your account.

An efficient file manager

Although the application cannot be customized, the functions Easy Uploads carry out make it a very useful and easy to use program that helps you efficiently manage your files on cloud storage.

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What about security?

We have your security in mind.

For your security we do not release direct links to files uploaded to any of our servers, Files can only be downloaded through our download manager and the download link given during upload. For added security members can also set passowords for files you wish to keep private and restricted downloading and streaming access through our software. Passwords can be changed instantly from the file manager revoking access to content using old and previously used passwords.